Journals Collection

We house an extensive collection of local history journals and periodicals compiled by historical societies and groups from across the county. These books provide an invaluable insight into the history, culture and traditions of a locality. Some editions of these journals such as the ‘Skibbereen and District Historical Journal/Cumann Staire an Sciobhairín’ is a Cheantar’, ‘Rosscarbery Past and Present’ and ‘The Kinsale Record’ are available to view in our digital archives.

The Archive: Journal of the Cork Folklore Project/Iris Bhéaloideas Chorcaí

This journal is produced by the Cork Folklore Project, a community-based organisation concerned with collecting and preserving the folklore and heritage of the northside of Cork city.

Issues 1-21 (1998-2017)

Ardfield/Rathbarry Journal

A local publication detailing the history and heritage of the Ardfield and Rathbarry area of West Cork. Issues No. 1 -7 (1998-2018).

Times Past

‘Times Past’ produced by the Muskerry Local History Society, details the history of the Ballincollig and Ovens area of Cork. Issues: Volumes 1-12 (1987-2016)

Journal of the Ballincollig Community School Local History Society

Issues: 1984,1985,1986


This local history journal is produced by the Ballygarvan and District History Society. Issues: Volumes 1 & 2 (2003-2004)

Cumann Staire Uíbh Laoire/Ballingeary and Inchigeela Historical Society Journal

These journals illustrate the rich history and heritage of Ballingeary and Inchigeela. Issues: No 1 (1993), No. 6 (1998) No. 12 (2006) No. 16 (2016)

Bantry Historical and Archaeological Society Journal

The Bantry Historical and Archaeological Society has been researching the heritage of this area of West Cork since 1978. Issues Vol 1 and 2 (1991-1992) & Vol. 3 2018. They also produced a book called ‘Bantry remembers 1916-2021’ detailing the history of the War of Independence in Bantry.

Cumann Seanchais na Banndan/Bandon Local History Society

Originally founded in 1979, Cumann Seanchais na Banndan produces annual journals illustrating the rich heritage of Bandon town and surrounding areas.

Issues: Vol. 1-37 (1984-2021)

Old Blarney: Journal of the Blarney and District Historical Society

This historical journal explores the heritage and social history of Blarney and surrounding areas. Issues: Volumes 2 (1990),4 (1999), 7 (2006), 8 (2012), 9 (2013), 10 (2015), 11 (2018)

This society has also produced a set of books called ‘Old Blarney in photographs’

Donoughmore Remembers: Journal of Times Past

Published by Donoughmore Historical and Writers group, this journal describes the historic sites and antiquities of Donoughmore. Issues Vol 1& 2 (2004 &2006)

Coppeen-a glimpse of the past

This local history journal was published by Coppeen Archaeological, Historical and Cultural Society.  It covers various topics of local interest including the history of local stone circles to descriptions of country life in the 1930s.

Dunmanway Doings & Dunmanway Pictorial Past

These historical journals produced by Dunmanway Historical Association detail the rich and diverse social history of Dunmanway towns and its hinterland.

Issues: Pictorial Past (volumes 1-7 2003-2015) including Wedding Pictorial (published in 2015)  Dunmanway Doings (volumes 1-6, 2004-2014)

Canovee: a Historical Society Magazine

We have two early editions of the Canovee Historical Society Journals in our collections volume one (published in 1983) and volume 2 published in 1984.

Charleville and District Historical Journal

These historical journals by the Charleville & District Historical Society, detail the fascinating local history, archaeology and folklore of Charleville in north Cork.

Issues Vols 1-6, (1986-1992)

The Coachford Record

These journals by Coachford Historical Society detail the unique history and heritage of this village in the barony of Muskerry East.

Issues: Vols 1,2, 4 (1990-1993)

Clonakilty Historical & Archaeological Journal

These journals published by the Dúchas Clonakilty Heritage Society, provide a very detailed insight into the rich heritage and history of Clonakilty in West Cork. Issues Vols 1 & 2 (2015 & 2017)

The Kinsale Record

This local history journal is produced by the Kinsale & District Local History Society and illustrates the diverse and interesting history and heritage of Kinsale. Issues Vols 1- 29 (1989-2021)

See more at the Digital Archive

Kilbrittain Historical Society: articles and records from the past

These journals illustrate the fascinating history of Kilbrittain village and the surrounding area.

Issues 6 volumes (2015-2021)

Changing Times: a journal (Inniscarra Historical Society)

These journals provide a glimpse into the unique history of the Inniscarra area.

Issues 1 & 2 (published 2017 & 2019)

Harbour Lights: Journal of the Great Island Historical Society

This journal chronicles the history and heritage of Cobh and surrounding area.

Issues: Vols. 1 (1988)

Innishannon Candlelight

Innishannon Candlelight contains fascinating insights into the social history and heritage of Innishannon.

Issues: (1990,1993,2002,2003,2004,2008,2009,2010,2011,2012,2013,2015)

Mallow Field Club Journal

These collections of journals illustrate the extensive history of Mallow and the north Cork area.

Cumann Ársaíochta is Staire Mhala/Mallow Archaeological & Historical Society

Issues 1-38 (1983- 2020)

Grencourt Review: events, activities, happenings Grenagh & Courtbrack

These historical journals chronicle the historical events relating to Grenagh and Courtbrack.

Grenagh & Courtbrack Community Associations


A Millstreet Miscellany, Aubane Historical Society

Founded in 1985, these journals explore the rich history of Aubane, Millstreet and the North Cork area.

Issues: Volumes 1,2,3 (2003-2010)

Our Place

Edited by Charlie Hennessy with contributions by local authors

Issues: volumes 1-6

The journal covers the history and heritage of the communities living in the lower Cork harbour area.

Mizen Journal

Mizen Archaeological and Historical Society/Cumann Seandálaiochta agus Staire Uibh Eachach.

These volumes cover the history and archaeology of the Mizen peninsula

Issues: Volumes 1-13 (1993-2007)

Rosscarbery Past and Present

These journals are produced by the Rosscarbery and District Historical Society and illustrate the rich heritage of this area of West Cork. Issues: volumes 1-20 (1999-2019)

See more at the Digital Archive

Skibbereen Historical Journal

These local history journals are published by Skibbereen & District Historical Society/Cumann Staire An Sciobairín is a Ceantair. This society was founded in 2002.

Issues: volumes 1-15 (2005-2020)

 New volume for 2021 to arrive soon

See more at the Digital Archive

Seanchas Duthalla-Duhallow Magazine

Published by Duhallow Historical Society covering the unique history of the area of Newmarket and Kanturk and surrounding areas.

Issues: (1975,1976-77,1978-79,1980-81,1984,1986,1989,1991,1993,1996,1997,2000,2003,2006,2011,2016)

Sliabh Luachra: journal of Cumann Luachra

These journals cover the rich history, culture and heritage of this area of north-west Cork, east Kerry and south-west Limerick.

Issues: Volumes 1-18    (1982-2018)

Macroom: A Chronicle by Barry O’Brien

These books provide extensive historical information about the town of Macroom and surrounding districts.

Issues: Vols 1,2,6,7,10,11 (1990 -2017)

Castlehaven and Myross History Society Journal vol. 2 2021

This journal contains fascinating articles about the local history of the community living in the Castlehaven and Myross parish of West Cork.

Seanchas Chairbre

These books detail the history and heritage of West Cork

Issues: Volumes 1 (1982), 2 (1983), 3 (1993)

The O’Mahony Journal

Produced by the O’Mahony Society, these journals offer a wealth of historical and genealogical information about the O’Mahony clan.

Issues: volumes 1971-1982,1990-1993,1995-1997,2005,2001,2003-2019